Monday, March 3, 2014


It’s been mighty cold here in the Midwest, cold for authors and book characters whose lives are based in the Midwest.
I woke up to -10 degrees this morning – the apartment was very chilly. I live in a very small place I call The Hobbit Hole. Last night I was baking and the apartment got very warm. Very warm. So, I opened the window in the living room about 3 inches to bring in some cooler air. I went to bed at my normal hour – normal for a writer – and forgot to close it.  I only have two windows in this little place, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Both double-wide side-to-side sliders. This morning when I woke up it was fahreezing in here. Even my cat was snuggled up under the covers with me, as much as she hates having her head covered.
I got up and checked the thermometer in the kitchen. My home was 50 degrees. Wowza! I fired up the Amish fireplace heater and let it run for a half hour. We’re up to 62 and that’s acceptable. Note to self, NO MORE FORGETTING TO CLOSE THE WINDOW!!  Not while it’s this cold out.
Plan to get at least 1500 words down today. I’m finishing Inherit the Moon before going any further on Fathom.
Thank God for small favors.
Oh, hi Alessio. Interwebs, this is Alessio, my star of the Magarelli Series. Alessio, the interwebs.
Would you prefer I write on Fathom, Mr. Italian Tenor?
NO! I..I mean…well no, you only have about a chapter left to go on Mark’s story. I think you should get that done. I can wait.
That’s not the song you were singing when I was trying to write Inherit the Moon last fall.  As I remember, you were pestering the heck out of me to get on the third novel in your series. What was it you said…let me see if I can remember… ‘Epiphany has been out for 4 months!  You need to get on Fathom!’ Am I close?
Uhm…I don’t… I don’t remember. But I see the importance of getting Inherit done! I’ve had a change of heart! Go ahead and finish that!  Maybe even start the second one in that series. Your werewolves of London series.
It’s Montana. They’re from Montana. And it's call the Marrok Knight Trilogy. That’s so gracious of you! Are you sure?  I’ve already gotten about 40,000 words down on Fathom.
Yeah, I’m acutely aware of that. You’re being very mean to me.
Ohhh pooo beebee. It’s all about character development, you know that. The first two put you into situations you had to deal with. This one is putting you into a situation all the other characters have to deal with.
Really. Huh.  Did you put your werewolf guy through all this. Victimizing him and all? Putting him through the mangle? Huh? Huh?
Well, it’s a little difficult to victimize a werewolf and mangle is an interesting word to use regarding one. Mark has gone through his own kind of hell, coming to terms with who he is and what he is. But you are most definitely more fun to pick on Alee.
Lucky me.
Yes. Lucky you. Lucky I’ve made the decision to get Inherit the Moon done. Now go cuddle with DeDe while I get this finished. I have to promote the series and complete Mark's book. Then I’ll be able to turn my undivided attention back to you.
By all means, take your time. I’m perfectly happy wait until Mark’s story is told. I don’t mind at all!
Uhm Hm. Shoo!  I’ve got work to do.
That said, it’s now March and just about time for a shameless promotion:

Stay warm, my friends!