Sunday, March 2, 2014


2014 brings nose-to-grindstone writing, in spite of terrible weather outside. As a matter of fact the weather could be beneficial! Who wants to go out and play on HOTH?!!

March finds me very nearly done with the first novel in the Marrok Knight werewolf series (Inherit the Moon) and cranking away on the third installment of the Magarelli Series (Fathom).

Exciting news! 

I will be attending MediaWest*Con this May and will have Relevance, Epiphany and Inherit the Moon at my table along with a copious amount of swag. This convention runs in Lansing, MI during Memorial Day Weekend (the 23-26 of May in 2014) and while primarily a fan con, with an enormous amount of programming for the TV and movie fan, it has drawn quite a few original authors as well. The dealer’s room is a treat for any convention lover. You can find information regarding this convention at

The con is now making one day memberships available to the public for those who cannot make the entire weekend. I always suggest Saturday because there’s always so much going on that day.

Additionally I will be having a book signing at Rowster’s Coffee shop in mid to late June here in Grand Rapids, MI. More updates on that will follow as the plans a finalized with the coffee shop.
A rash of book signings will follow throughout Summer and Fall both at coffee shops and libraries in the area. Those will be posted at they are finalized.

Remember! Support your indie writers and spread the word.

In upcoming blogs, I'll be having Alessio here beside me throwing in his two cents. Right now he's hiding from me as I drag his skinny butt over the coals in Fathom.

The weather here in Michigan is doing its best impression of Siberia!  Good weather to stay in and write, which is exactly what I've been doing. Sheesh!