Friday, October 18, 2013


Last night I had one of the most wonderful experiences a writer can have – in my opinion anyway. I was the guest of a small book club at a coffee house. These ladies get a book, then read it, then get together to discuss the story.

One of the ladies works in the same building where I am the receptionist. She suggested I come to the  coffee house so they could meet me. Relevance would be the topic of discussion.

It was a fantastic experience. Each one told me what they loved best about the book and the general consensus was that first they loved the main characters, then they loved the supporting cast. But they went further. They told me what they liked about them and why.  I cannot speak for other writers but this was so important to me personally. It let me know what I was doing right!

Then came the questions! Where did I come up with the idea? What was my inspiration? Were any of the characters based on people out of my own life? All the kind of questions that make you think.

I gave them some insights into book two and three. Book two, EPIPHANY, will be available in just a week or so and I’ll be writing book three during the month of November as I take part in NANOWRIMO 2013.

What is that?  It stands for National Novel Writing Month, 50,000 words in 30 days. November is NANOWRIMO. In my opinion, I think all aspiring writers should take part. If you’ve never written a whole novel or even if you have, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to write under a deadline. There’s no real prizes; just the knowledge that you can do it. It’s a personal challenge. I’m taking the opportunity to write the third book in the Magarelli Series, Fathom. Others will use it to write fanfic, or stories for anthologies. It’s a great deal of fun and a super online community.  Check it out: