Saturday, September 13, 2014


The book signing at ROWSTER COFFEE is
Now exactly 2 weeks away! That’s on the corner
Of James Ave SE and Wealthy SE.
It’s a lovely little place with superb coffee!
The special is this:
But buy both  - $20

A savings of $5.

Yes the book signing inches closer. The month so far has been a whirlwind of prep for the 27th.

I have now got my poster printed. Lucked out on a great price and got my collapsible easel FREE. If you're low on funds that word sounds like it's sung by a choir of angels. amazing harmony and accompanied by a golden light shed upon said easel.

Here's what the poster looks like.  It will be obsolete by May 2015 when I will have the third installment of the Magarelli Series out. That being Fathom.

Also out by that time will be Inherit the Moon the first offering in the Knights' Moon Series.

Back to the subject of the book signing, though. As I relay my experience setting up the first signing outside of an attended convention.

Why a Coffee Shop?

Frankly I frequent the shop. I enjoy spending some time at Rowsters on Saturdays and I noticed that two things stood out -- besides their awesome coffee. Patrons were either on laptops or reading. Given that the shop supports the arts (offering themselves as a gallery to local artists) I thought to ask them if they would like a book signing to add to that support. And I'd be reaching readers.

Why Not a Book Store?

Since my books are not available in mainstream book stores, it was my thought they might have issue with me wanting to use them. I have not -- as yet -- approached any.  I have, however, approached several libraries and come 2015 will be having book signings in a few of those. Be watching for  announcements as time wears on.

It became apparent to me, early on, that the coffee shop -- while enthusiastic -- had no clue what a book signing involves and communication has been spotty at best. Still my liaison is a lovely gal and eager to have this work. They have mentioned it both on Instagram and Twitter, however refused to hang a flyer promoting the signing in the shop. And this I found out after I had the flyer printed. Crap. Communication glitch number one. Would have been nice to have been told that when I first mentioned the Flyer in late August and again the first week of September, instead of finding out AFTER I had the 11x14 full color promo done.
This is that flyer:

I think it came out rather well. But it was time and money wasted as, not only would it not be used, but somehow it got damaged after I turned it over to the lady at the counter (not my liaison). And I still ask myself, why would the gal at the counter even accept it when I told her what it was when it was not their policy to post flyers. Weird.  Sad thing is I could have posted the flyer elsewhere had it not been damaged. Chalk it up to experience and the realization that all points no matter how simple should be agreed upon ON PAPER. 

Still I'm an easy-going sort, so I just made a mental note and will be more careful next time.  I think it's because both myself and the shop are extremely new to this territory. Mistakes are how we learn.

The next thing I had printed was my promo poster. It came out wonderfully, laminated and mounted on foam board and will be displayed on its easel in my signing area.

I'm sure things will be better with Libraries, they do this sort of thing all the time.