Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Yes!  The book signing at Rowsters Coffee is on!!!

632 Wealthy Street SE
(corner of James and Wealthy)
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


I will have both Relevance and Epiphany at the signing and have I got a deal for you! Relevance is $10 and Epiphany is $15, however if you purchase both books, I will give you a $5 discount. Both books for $20.
You local folks!!!  Come on out and support a local writer!


Sunday, August 3, 2014


This has been an eventful weekend!  After a foray out to our local super store (Meijer), I found the perfect futon for my living room and it was one sale!! (Bonus!) So instead of writing, much of the remainder yesterday before supper was spent putting it together. It was a Sauder piece and anyone who is familiar with Sauder knows that assembly is required. Really all it involved was putting the legs on. But it is all together and quite comfortable.  It’s very firm. Not like my previous couch (that I sank into and had to battle to get up from), I can sit there for hours and not feel a twinge in my oh-so-crappy back or hip.
Did I ever mention I’m a senior citizen?  A dippy senior hippy? A Granny Goth? Well I am.  Don’t mind the aging process so much, it’s kinda cool watching my hair go gray – in some parts white. What I do mind is the aches and pains that come along with an aging skeleton. PHAH!  I have placed myself on a waiting list to have my brain (Abbie someone…Abbie Normal) put in an android body. And I wouldn’t mind if that body looked like Sandra Bullock…or even Tom Welling…I’m open minded. As I approach 70 (only 3 years away), I marvel that I’ve lived this long.
Last bit of personal news is that I am scheduled for a knee replacement in early December. So I’m going to be ‘laid up’ for 3 months while I recover from that and go through the torture they call physical therapy. I’m no stranger to knee surgery, had the left knee replaced five years ago. So it’s time to get the right on bionic as well.
What do you do when you’re grounded?  Why write, of course!  You needed to ask?
That said, on to writing news:
I have repurposed the Marrok Knight Trilogy…as I approach finishing the second book, I realize that they are as much about his daughter KJ as they are about him…some possibly more than others as she comes of age and that these novels will extend past a trilogy. So now, I am billing it as the Knight’s Moon Series.
While we’re on the subject of the Knights, book one, Inherit the Moon, is off to its editors. Inherit is tentatively slated for late October. Not only does that involve Halloween (nice time of the year to present a werewolf book, doncha think?) but the book is set in autumn. Autumn in Romani, a very lovely time of year there. The leaves are changing; the werewolves are howling…lovely.
Book two Embrace the Moon is 2/3rds of the way done. I had such a good time writing Mark coming into knowledge of his heritage in the country of his heritage.  But I have to tell you, writing him in his home territory – northwestern Montana – is even more fun for me.  I’ve always had a love affair with Big Sky Country: mustangs, cowboys, mountains and the forests…what’s not to love?
I’ve looked all over for an artist for my covers, but alas anyone who has what it takes to do them is way out of my price range. So I’m going to have to dust off the supplies and do them myself. Yes, I’m an artist, have been all my days…well since I could hold a crayon, anyway. But I was hoping to spotlight someone else’s talent since I’m writing the books. I have several wonderful artists suggested to me, but their styles were too Japanime. I don’t want manga-style art for the covers of the Knight’s Moon Series. That style of art would do very well for The Galaxy According to Phaser Spangles!  As a matter of fact, it would be perfect! But not for the werewolf series; although I would seriously consider an Art Nouveau style.
Now it’s just a matter of what medium to choose – oils? Acrylics? Color Pencil? Like writing isn’t enough to do. LOL Never a dull moment.
Have I forgotten Alessio Magarelli?  Not bloody likely. Al is enjoying a little sabbatical while I prepare for Mark and KJ’s debut this fall. I will be returning to writing Fathom – book three in the Magarelli Series – as I recuperate from my surgery. That on is on schedule for a late May release.

That wraps up another riveting entry here. Hey!  Wake up!!! See you next time.